Mobile Web

Make mobile friendly landing pages with Texty

Mobile web pages make your SMS more attractive and engaging, and can contain much more information than traditional SMS. There are no character limitations in mobile web pages so you can send longer, more detailed messages at no extra cost.

  • Customise your mobile landing page

    Using the Texty platform you can easily add your logos, colours, images and wording to your mobile web page. This helps you maintain your brand in your SMS, keeping it consistent with your other channels and delivering a more unified experience to your customers.

  • Designed for mobile experience

    Mobile web pages built in your Texty account are specifically designed for the small screens of mobile phones. This means you can design and build your page in confidence, knowing that they will render correctly on mobile devices. The useful preview function in the our online platform allows you to see how your mobile web page will render in both Android and iOS phones.

Get started with mobile web pages

Learn how to create mobile web experiences with this guide to creating mobile web pages with Texty.

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No developer knowledge needed

No technical or developer skills are needed to create and send mobile web pages, so you can easily create the compelling pages you need.

Track visitors with web page reporting

Our online platform tracks and reports on each time a message recipient clicks on the link to your mobile web page, so you can build up a clear picture on how well your communications are being received.

Customise landing pages

Add custom information, such as a customers name, email or order number.

Preview web pages online

View your page as it would appear on an iPhone or Android device, either in portrait or landscape view.